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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Age of Empires (AoE) 1, gameplay, modes.

Age of Empires:

Age of Empires is a history based real time strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft. The game lets in the person to act as the chief  of an ancient civilization by means of advancing it thru four ages (the Stone, tool, Bronze, and Iron), gaming access to new and improved troops with every boost. It was later ported to Pocket computers with windows, ensuing in a model very similar to the pc game. This game uses the a 2D sprite based game engine.

Age Of Empires 1:

Age of empires 1 was the first game developed by Ensemble Studios. The game have everything from history e.g. troops, buildings, weapons, villages, civilizations, ships, docks and many more. Age of empires 1 was initially released in 1997. The game also has one expansion pack The Rise of Rome. Age of empires receive very positive reviews from all over the world and its sequel game i.e. Age of Empires II was released after two years in 1999.

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Age of Empire is a strategy game in which player have to build an empire that has army, food, defense and all other things which are essential in empire. For building empire a player gather resources present on the map like wood, food, gold e.t.c. these resources helps player to build buildings or upgrade them also resources are required to train units from barracks.

Twelve civilizations are available in game. Each with singular arrangements of characteristics, including a differing number of accessible technologies and units. Each civilization has different characteristics, so no civilization has every one of the advances conceivable in the game.
Another interesting thing about the game is that it has four ages and player have upgrade its town hall to advance in other age and have better troops and buildings. Name of ages are given below.

  • Stone Age
  • Tool Age
  • Bronze Age
  • Iron Age 


Age of Empires features four single player campaigns in which player is provided with specific objective. Four campaigns are of following civilizations.
  •   Egyptian
  •   Greek
  •   Babylonian 
  •   Yamato

Apart from campaigns there is also a mode called 'Random Map' in which different map is generated every time.
Age of Empires 1 has multiplayer option also in which you can play with your friends with the help of internet or by connecting devices.
We can also design map in Age of Empires I with the help of scenario builder. This tool is lot easier to use then the map editor tools of modern games.
This game is worth playing we recommend you to give a try to it it'll not disappoint you. Also try Age of Empires II.

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