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Monday, 7 December 2015

GTA VI Predicted Map and Leading Character.


The GTA VI releasing date is predicted in 2020 some says 2019. As Rockstar releases GTA 5 they earned US$800 million in its first day and US$1 billion in three days of its release. This record shows that how popular is GTA and now people are waiting for GTA VI.

Which should be obviously awesome than GTA V.

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The rumors about the map of GTA VI are that it includes whole United States Of America. Some say that major states will be included, but the main problem is this, if the map of GTA VI is whole USA than how we can drive a car in such a large map means that it takes to much time to travel between cities.

Some games tried to do this before but they doesn't done it successfully one of them is The Crew whose map was bit disappointing but it doesn't mean that Rockstar won't be able to turn things around for GTA VI.
Another amazing thing is that it is claimed that the game could features its first female lead character, with Eva Mendes reportedly being lined up for the role. Now all we have to do is to wait and watch for official statement.


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